Revised Plan

After speaking with my instructor, Bryan Czibesz, I have revised my Plan of Action, adding detail and more deadlines (one can never have too many, you know).

Revised Plan of Action

***Work on all projects concurrently. By the time we return from Spring Break, I would like to be at a place where I can narrow my focus or begin to merge my separate projects.

week 5—glaze testing with crystalline glazes ^6; slip testing with nest burnouts

week 6 – three stacks built and bisqued, ready for glaze experimentation. A number of wasps’ nest forms bisqued and ready for glaze/atmospheric firing. Glaze experimentation could continue until Spring Break.

week 8 (midterm)—Interdisciplinary critiques

week 9 – experimental stacked shapes (non-rectangular)

week 11 (post spring break)— Re-assess goals and adjust focus accordingly

week 14—Meet with Thesis Committee

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